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If you’ve ever started a workout program and then stopped because you weren’t getting the results you expected, then you need someone to create an individualized plan for you that is unique to your physiological make-up. After all, fitness is more than a simple plan. It’s an entire lifestyle change that involves altering your behavior. And I am here to help you change your mindset into one that allows you to achieve your goals. I will not let you think that your goals are impossible; thus, if you’re easily discouraged, you need someone to coach you every step of the way. A workout plan is nothing without the human connection that assures you that you are deserving of being the best you that you can be.

I am currently offering online coaching services for those who are interested in living a healthier lifestyle by changing up their fitness and nutrition habits. I can customize these workouts based on equipment available to you. I use a software called Trainerize that is absolutely free for you to download. You will receive your workouts through Trainerize, and there will be videos included to show you how to properly execute the exercises listed in your program. If you are unable to utilize Trainerize, I can email you a PDF of your workouts along with video attachments detailing your exercises. Otherwise, if you are able, I will send you an invite using your email address, and you can sign up from there.

After your free consultation, I will detail what I am able to do. Once you decide to purchase the program, I will then submit paperwork to you that needs to be completed prior to creation of your plan.

After our initial consultation and upon purchase of a plan, you may also submit footage of you performing certain movements (we will discuss these) that align with your ultimate goals (squat, push-ups, ect.). This will allow me to assess your movement in order to better see your fitness level; however, this is not required, but it will help me make a more personalized plan for you when you decide to go with my services. Of course, you can also video yourself doing your workout and add it to Trainerize. I can then view your workout and help you with your form.

Your workouts will be designed with safety and smart progressions in mind.

Here are the packages I offer:

Single Workout Plan–$25.00 per plan
If you simply want a single workout you can utilize without having to think of your own workouts, I can create one plan for you that will include progressions and regressions for whatever your particular goal is. For example, I can create a full-body workout for you, a workout for a particular part of the body, a HIIT workout, and any workout style available that you are interested in.

Simple, Hassle-Free Month-to-Month Package– $150.00/month

For those who want to start out simple but need a goal-oriented plan, this package is perfect. Once you purchase this package after your free consultation, you will receive your first workout, and I will structure the rest of your week based on your experience with your first workout; thus, I will schedule your workouts weekly, three each week. At the end of your four weeks, we will go over your progress. I will then make the necessary adjustments that will continually propel you to become the healthiest you can be.

This plan includes three workouts per week, for a total of twelve. You can choose the days you’d like to work out, although it is recommended you give yourself 24-48 hours rest in between each workout. This guideline applies to the rest of the plans I offer.

This plan also includes weekly Skype check-ins, phone, or email for the first month, and then bimonthly for ensuing months if you choose to stay on the month-to-month plan, that you can schedule based on your coach’s time availability–usually the weekend. These check-ins will ensure you are properly implementing the workouts based on the videos included either in Trainerize or ones emailed to you. You may also feel free to video yourself working out and either upload the video to Trainerize or email the video to me so that I may view your form and suggest adjustments.

Accelerated Package (12-Week Plan)–$400.00

Your program will ultimately be a 12-week plan that will include short and long-term goals, for a total of 36 workouts. After your free consultation and purchase of this package, I will present you with your first workout. Your first workout will then determine how I schedule the rest of your week; thus, I will be scheduling three workouts a week for you.

This plan also includes weekly Skype check-ins, email, or phone for the first month, then bimonthly for ensuing months that can be scheduled based on your coach’s availability.–usually the weekend.

Bonus Accelerated Package (16-Week Plan)–$550.00

This includes everything in the Accelerated Package, along with an additional four weeks worth of workouts that will be structured based on the progress you’ve made during the previous 12 weeks.

Full-Year Accelerated Package– $1,500.00

You will receive an entire year’s worth of workouts, three workouts each week, with weekly Skype check-ins, email, or phone for the first month, then bimonthly for ensuing months based on your coach’s availability. As with the Accelerated Package, you will receive your workouts weekly, totaling three a week for the full year.

If you need more specific counseling concerning dietary treatment of an illness, I suggest consulting a registered dietitian. 

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Group Fitness Instructor
ACE Functional Training Specialist
ACE Therapeutic Exercise Specialist
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
NASM MMA Conditioning Specialist
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification
CPR/AED/First Aid