How Does Online Coaching Save You Money?

Compared to personal training, online coaching can save you an enormous amount in the long-term. Most gyms charge anywhere from $35-$45, and that’s mostly just for 30 minutes. They also offer packages, but a package of 12 is still going to cost you over 400 dollars, so if you train twice a week, that’s six week’s worth of sessions. A year’s worth of personal training will cost you over $2,000-$3,000. You also have to factor in how much you’re paying for your gym membership. Is it worth it? Certainly it is, especially if you’re the type who needs that one-on-one attention. After all, I still do one-on-one training, and my clients would absolutely agree the cost is worth it. Yet, personal training is unfortunately a luxury that will never make it into many people’s budgets; thus, the cost may be too steep. Most of my clients work well-paying jobs that allow them to afford the luxury of a personal trainer. And there are a variety of ways you can make personal training work for your budget, but at the end of the day, it’s your money, not mine, and it is not my place to tell you how to spend it in order to make personal training work for your budget.

Enter online coaching, which aims to make training accessible to everyone, whether they work out at home or at the gym. While you won’t get the immediacy of having a personal trainer there to ensure you’re doing every exercise right, you will get a workout you won’t have to think about, instructional videos on how to do each exercise, smart progressions that destroy any plateaus you’ve had, and a coach who will be available to you by phone or email, especially if you want to submit video footage of you doing your workout to receive your coach’s feedback. You’ll save about a thousand to maybe even several thousand dollars doing online coaching, particularly if you work with me. A month’s worth of training is $150.00, and you receive three workouts a week! That’s 12 for an entire month. You’ve just saved a little over $200.00.

You also won’t be forced to complete your workout in a certain time frame. For most gyms, if they offer only 1-hour sessions, every client has to fit into that 1-hour mold–but not everyone needs an hour! Just as some need more than 30 minutes! And sometimes people may need more than an hour, especially if they’re training for strength and take 3-5 minute rest periods between sets. Online coaching can cater to goals that can’t be met in a big-box gym with such rigid session times. Of course, getting an independent trainer can remedy these problems as well, but you’re still paying based on session length. With online coaching, you’re paying based on program length. Paying based on program length ensures you’ll hit short-term and even long-term goals.

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