Working with a personal trainer has been an amazing experience. Ms. Forbes’ expertise has been invaluable. As a beginner to fitness, it was extremely helpful to speak with Ms. Forbes about fitness. I learned about the mistakes I’d been making and how to avoid them. She created a workout program that kept me engaged and interested. It was challenging, but not so hard that I couldn’t physically finish it, and for the first time in forever, my previously injured ankle didn’t hurt after a workout. I’ve come a long way in the short time I’ve been working with her. Not only have I lost 6 lbs, but I’ve gotten stronger and am now closer than ever to reaching my fitness goals. I live in Canada, so I did her online coaching program. I can’t recommend her enough.

–Mariah E. Wilson


I was only able to have one session with Amber before money grew tight, but I learned so much about exercise from that one session alone. She was so friendly, patient, energetic, and professional. I’ve gone to the gym before, but I only ever jumped on the exercise bike. I was too intimidated by everything else, but Amber showed me there was no reason to be intimidated. She put me through a full-body workout that left me just a little sore the next day, but I felt accomplished. My goal was to put on muscle, and even though I haven’t been able to train with her lately, she taught me how many sets and reps I need to be doing to gain muscle. That one session was an invaluable learning experience. When I can afford it, I’m definitely going to continue training with her.

–Tori Hawk

This young lady was able to create a workout plan for me that kept all of my limitations in mind. I have back and knee problems, and I had tried personal training before with no luck. All of their programs hurt me, but not hers. She was sensitive to the fact that I couldn’t do certain things, like squats, and she never pushed them. She actually helped with my back pain, and while there wasn’t much we could do with my legs, she was still able to put me through workouts that challenged me but didn’t leave me in pain the next day. Despite all of my pain problems, I was able to grow stronger. She is also very caring and checked up on me every so often to see how my pain issues were doing. She even encouraged me to do physical therapy more than I was, so she’ll really have your health in mind.

–Latausha Griffin 


It couldn’t have gone any better. I have cerebral palsy, so I can’t do a whole lot. She makes me feel like I can. She trained me for a triathlon and shaved 10 minutes off my time. My previous coach quit on me with little notice, so I was so happy she immediately answered my request. She has all the qualifications I’m looking for. She works me hard, encouraging me every step of the way. She’s also a great listener, especially when I’ve had a stressful day at work. I talk to her about it, and I feel better. When I’m with her, I don’t think about my CP. So happy I get a great workout.

–Corbin Claeys