Welcome to The Daily Workout Lifestyle: Why I Made the Switch


The Daily Workout Lifestyle is not a new blog: I just decided it was time to switch platforms, as Weebly wasn’t giving me the results I wanted. Sure, I received a lot of views, but there was zero interaction, making it difficult for me to motivate myself to blog when I feel like I’m shouting into the void.

I’ve got an author blog through WordPress that I eventually quit, as juggling different platforms when writing is just a part-time gig is impossible. And even though it did not receive as many views as my Weebly blog, it still received much more interaction in the form of comments, likes, re-blogs, shares, and subscribes–and I didn’t have to pull teeth to make this happen.

The SEO through WordPress is also much better since you can add tags. Plus, I also like that WordPress isn’t just a host site for those of us who don’t want to use outside hosts, but also an actual community where you can easily connect with other bloggers and even non-bloggers.

Funny enough, I did try to start a fitness blog through WordPress in 2015, and even though it was pretty amateurish, it still got me a few leads that my Weebly blog never got me.

Weebly has a much friendlier user interface, but I can forego that if it means really being able to connect with readers in a way Weebly doesn’t allow. I’m sure there are people who have had success with it as a host, but I just decided it was time to move on. Yes, I have to say good-bye to affiliate links, but it’s not like I was making anything with affiliations. I would just rather use this site to sell my services than worry about making money from links and ad revenue.

In any case, for those who haven’t read the ‘About’ page, I’m a personal trainer and strength coach. I’m also a YA author, my first two books being When Stars Die and The Stars Are Infinite.

I got my start last year in February as a personal trainer intern, moved on to work at a Y as a full-fledged trainer, was a kickboxing instructor for 9Round before it went bankrupt, had to start my own business, which I wasn’t fond of, and have now finally settled down at a gym that offers me what I want: payment, even if I don’t have any clients. I’ll blog more about that, likely tonight.

This blog will be an all-encompassing lifestyle blog; thus, it won’t be solely fitness. I’ll blog about anything that helps one to lead a healthy lifestyle. After all, fitness and nutrition aren’t the sole means to living a better, happier life. For example, I might blog about books I’ve read that have impacted me. I might blog about trips I’ve taken that have helped to expand my worldview.

Fitness and nutrition will be the focus, but self-betterment is the overall goal of this blog. To my clients, I am more than just their trainer.